Here’s What I’ve Been Up To | Paul Warren

Posted Sep 13, 2016 in Blog | 10,571 comments

Hello friends! It has been years since I updated this site. So much has happened since then. Last I wrote, I had just released The Paul Warren Project CD, “Round Trip”. Thank you to all who bought and supported it. I hope you enjoyed listening to it as much as did making it. I was living in Michigan at the time and still touring with Rod Stewart. In 2012, Rod asked me to work on his upcoming album, which became the ‚ÄúTime” CD. “Time” was...

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Don’t Be Fooled….

Posted Aug 22, 2011 in Blog | 44 comments

Don’t be fooled by imitation. Unfortunately, you can’t trust everyone in this world, and it is testament with finding out that there are bootleg copies of the Paul Warren Project’s Album “Round Trip” available for sale on various websites. If you have purchased a bootleg copy – thinking that it was legitimate, please contact your supplier. It would be helpful too if you could contact us here, so we can try and put a stop to more...

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Album Reviews

Posted Aug 14, 2011 in Blog | 93 comments

One Of the Top 5 albums to come out of Detroit This Year. This CD Has It all Rock Blues Country & motown ….and Its all from one of most accomplished sons of the Motor City, Paul Warren… (Doug Podell, Talent at WCSX Detroit MI) “3 chords, a cloud of dust, a bad attitude.. and let’s not forget about his Black Hi Top Chucks…It’s all on my friend The Paul Warren Project “Round Trip” cd, every song will wet your appetite. ...

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Ways To Purchase “Round Trip”

Posted Jul 16, 2011 in Blog | 24 comments

The Paul Warren Project’s album “Round Trip” featuring their first release “She Can’t Go Home”, is NOW AVAILABLE on Itunes and Amazon MP3. Don’t forget you can also buy physical copies of the album on CD Baby. ...

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Sixteen years of Pauls life in ONE PHOTO!

Posted Jun 16, 2011 in Blog | 10 comments

This is Every Laminate saved from every tour he has done since 1994. Unfortunately Paul didn’t think to save them from any earlier tours, starting in 1972 opening for the Jackson Five with The Undisputed Truth, multiple Rare Earth Tours, as well as Ray Mazarek Nite City Laminates, touring with Tina Turner and most of his hundreds of Richard Marx All Access...

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Follow Paul Warren on Facebook

Posted Jun 9, 2011 in Blog | 74 comments

Paul WarrenCreate Your Badge Stay up to date with concert dates, tours and appearances through your Facebook account. Become a friend of Pauls, or check out the Paul Warren Project Fan...

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